kunst benjamin adamah – Art Crimes 2021

Art Crimes 2021-22


The Art Crimes series was born in early 2021 out of my total rejection of the cult of “stupidity enforcement” by which politicians, mainstream media and a whole coterie of plandemic-adepts want to force us to accept Klaus Schwab’s dystopian Great Reset.

Everything that is currently being said through official channels, as well as the reactions to it by politically-correct citizens, is so indescribably implausible, aggressive and hysterically retarded that you could spend the whole day between frowning and raging. But that doesn’t get you anywhere. Better observe this mess as some weird blip in history, so at a certain point something snapped in my head. Humor has been an outlet for me all my life and so has art. Hence my work-impression below was created after having transcended the reactive phase I just descibed above.  It simply expresses freedom, humor, color, the absurd, zest for life and when I paint our tomcat Fidel is often by my side and we both listen to Cuban music.








Yemaya (study 2021)




El Rancho Motel (finished July 2021)




Popular Hot Battle Angels (finished August 2021)




Ricos Tacos (finished June 2022)




Los Ufonautas (2021 – being painted right now)




The League of Abraxas (study 2021)




American woman complaining about her new banana-lamp (study 2021)




GOOD NEWS!! We sell lions! (study 2021)




Moon in Leo on a hot zmokey day (study 2021)




Those stupid things that clutter in the soul of honest men who work in the harbor and start at 7 AM
(study 2021)




Witches’ sabbat (study 2021)




Night Time Gangsta Life (study 2021)




Do you zzzzmoke? (study 2021)




The complete history of modern politics (study 2021)





Magie & Alchemie




Naar Fotografie & Kunst hoofdpagina