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Lijst met handige links voor asteroïden-astrologie

Voor de ASAS-groep die op 7 oktober mijn lezing Asteroiden in de Astrologie volgden in Zeist, zie hier de PDF van de powerpoint. De link blijft geldig t/m 15 oktober as:


When working with asteroids in addition to the traditional planets and sensitive points and angles, I recommend the use of very small aspect-orbs. In most cases a transit that makes a conjunction or opposition will only be felt between ½º before the minute exact aspect and ½º after. The strongest influence is felt during what we should name the “anaretic arcminutes”. Thus at ½º before the minute exact conjunction, during the minute exact conjunction and at ½º (this rule includes even Sedna-Sun conjunctions). Plutinos are an exception as their transits are often already strong at one degree before the aspect is minute exact and dependent on their nature and size, there are also exceptions among objects of other asteroid classes.

You cannot investigate asteroids without either astro-software that includes them or proper online tools. The most usefull websites are these:
Number 1 site for your personal asteroid astrology research. I would not have
been able to produce this book and my other work on the subject without this
superb initiative.
I use the “extended chart option” of in assistance to
Complete list of named asteroids.
Very useful for creating an ephemeris.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory asteroid-database.
Minor Planet Center asteroid-database.
The MPC numbers and discovery dates of all known asteroids so far. If the
asteroids received an official name you will find it there. The list starts with
number 1: Ceres.


Recommended pioneering asteroid astrology sites:
Zane Stein is one of the most interesting pioneers in asteroid astrology of
Centaurs and TNO’s.
Holmes provides a regularly updated list of both main-belt asteroids and other
objects including Centaurs, SDOs, Plutinos and Cubewanos.
This blog specializes in TNO’s and Centaurs, with regular updates.
Interesting info on TNO’s, dwarf planets, Centaurs and more.
My own blog-section that deals with astrology, with regular updates.



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